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New site – lots of plans

Sirona by DrKim8-5-16

This is Sahara. She’s just turned 2 yrs old. She insisted Dr. Kim had been ignoring her, so cushed in front of her truck.


Thanks for dropping by.

This is the home of Sunrise Ranch Alpaca’s site, where we’ll be posting the adventures around the ranch – with animals, something is going on all the time. As well, showing off the members of our herd, and offering alpaca-based yarns, products, and the animals who make it all happen.


We try to be a very ‘local’ operation – local hay, local spinning mill, local veterinarian(s), and I act as the resident Mad Dyer of both our own yarns and high quality commercially spun yarns.

The site will grow as I learn WordPress, so look for more anecdotes, photos, herd members, as well as dyed and naturally colored yarns and finished alpaca-based products for sale.

As we say, there’s alpaca for everyone!